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Audition Procedures: Submit your singers’ audition recordings on-line by uploading each recording on the website.  You must get a confirmation e-mail to know that your submissions have been received.  Submissions must be done before or on October 1st.  Be mindful that heavy submissions on the final day might cause an overload to the system. We strongly recommend you submit your auditions earlier rather than later.

*Only submit those students who you think are worthy to be considered.*

Information that must be included on each Student Audition:

  • a) Track 1- Have student say their full name (first and last) and voice part. DO NOT state the name of the school. Then sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” sung unaccompanied using an appropriate starting pitch played on the piano for the student.
  • b) Track 2- Have the student sing the choral audition piece using the information provided below:

Youth- The audition excerpt for the Youth All-State audition piece

***“Come Again Sweet Love”  -SATB  -John Dowland  – Singers must sing 1st verse.

Elementary- The audition excerpt for the Elementary All-State audition piece

***”She Shall Have Music” –SA -arr. Nick Page  – Boosey & Hawkes
Audition Piece  – Beginning to measure 70.

Please use the accompaniment track to sing the audition.

Teachers must NOT be heard singing along with a student, or speaking at any time during a student’s audition recording. This will result in the audition being disqualified by audition chairs.

Elementary Audition Chairs:
Geri Brink

Youth Audition Chair:
Emery Garcia

All audition materials must be submitted by Oct. 1st, 2019.

No late entries will be considered.

The tab at the top of this page opens a form that denotes how the auditions are scored.  It is entitled  “NMACDA Adjudication Form”.

The list will be posted as soon as results are in.

If selected for one of the All-State choirs, you will need to re-register all students who were selected under NMACDA All-State Participant Registration.   A $50.00 registration fee will be due for each participant selected. All monies are payable to NMACDA and must be sent to your treasurer (William Gonzales) immediately after the Elementary, Youth Treble and Youth Mixed choir lists have been published. 

William Gonzales
P.O. Box 8604
Albuquerque, NM 87198