Process for registering students for Youth All-State 2018

Enter in all the fields of information in the red form to the left.

A successful form will look similar to this:

Ryan R. Fellman


Onate High School

5700 Mesa Grande Dr. Las Cruces, NM 88011


Ariana Grande, 9th Grade, Soprano; Steve Carell, 8th grade, Tenor; Frank Underwood, 7th Grade, Bass; Mila Kunis, 6th Grade, Alto; etc.


Record your auditions for each student using the instructions listed below.

Elementary Audition Chair:

3801 College Blvd

Farmington, NM 87401

Youth Audition Chair:

965 Valle Hermosa

Las Cruces, NM 88005

Information that must be included on each Student Audition CD:

  • a) Track 1- Have student say full name (first and last) and voice part. DO NOT state the name of the school. Then sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” sung unaccompanied using an appropriate starting pitch played on the piano for the student.
  • b) Track 2- Have student sing the choral audition piece using the information provided below:

Elementary- The audition excerpt for the Elementary All-State audition piece

Simple Gifts Arr. Michael Mauldin SA Kjos Music Co. Ed. 6260

Audition cut from beginning of piece to measure 33

Youth- The audition excerpt for the Youth All-State audition piece

Gloria from “Heiligmesse” Haydn ed. Liebergen SATB Alfred 7891.

Audition cut from beginning of piece to first beat of measure 34

Teachers must NOT be heard singing along with a student, or speaking at any time during a student’s audition recording. This will result in the CD being disqualified by audition chairs.

Complete your package and mail to the following audition chairs addresses.

All audition materials must be postmarked by Oct. 2nd, 2017.

No late entries will be considered.

The following must be included in your audition package:

Audition CD- Labeled with student name, voice part, and audition choir DIRECTLY PRINTED ON EACH CD. (For Youth Choir, must include divisi- SI or II, BI or II, etc.)

Include a separate copy (created on a word document) listing all student and director information for all-state audition materials.

Include an NM-ACDA TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM for each student. (Link at the bottom of the page).

There is also a form that denotes what the Audition Chairs are looking for in an audition. It is entitled the “NMACDA Adjudication Form” and is located below.

NM-ACDA will not be responsible for lost, damaged, or incomplete audition materials. It is recommended that you send all audition materials via registered mail and keep your receipt. Audition CD’s however, will not be returned under any circumstances.

Don’t forget to only send in quality CDs of students who are well prepared for the Youth All-State audition.

After the list of the 2018 Youth and Elementary Choir participants is released (via the website), you will need to re-register your students that were selected for the choirs. It will be a new form titled NMACDA All State Participant Registration. After completing the form, please send payment for each student who was selected for the All-State Choirs immediately to our treasurer:

Derek Gilmour
7337 Canyon Road
El Paso, TX 79912

The list will be posted as soon as result are in.

If selected for the choir, a $40.00 registration fee will be due for each student participant. All monies are payable to NMACDA and will be sent to your treasurer (Derek Gilmour) after the Youth and Children’s Choir lists have been released.

Click Here to View Medical Release Form

Please send registration payment to
NMACDA Treasurer
Derek Gilmour
7337 Canyon Road
El Paso, TX 79912