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Children Singing in a Choir

Elementary Choir
4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Michael Chandler
2024 Elementary Choir Director

Michael Chandler is an Assistant Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Education at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, where he is also the director of the Clarksville Children’s Chorus. Dr. Chandler taught elementary general music to children in Texas public schools for 16 years, mostly in Lewisville ISD, where he was named Teacher of the Year at two elementary campuses. In 2013, 2007, and 2005, his student ensembles performed by invitation at the annual Texas MEA Convention in San Antonio. Dr. Chandler has presented conference sessions, courses, and workshops in 38 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Australia including for numerous state MEA organizations. He is an AOSA-approved Orff Schulwerk teacher educator in all three levels of Orff Schulwerk pedagogy and recorder and teaches in Orff courses at Southern Methodist University (SMU), the University of Memphis
(U of M), and the San Francisco International Orff Course. He is a past-president of the North Texas Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA) and served a three-year term as a Regional Representative on the AOSA National Board of Trustees. Dr. Chandler was a collaborative pianist for the  Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas (CCGD) for 10 years and has guest conducted children’s choirs and ensembles in Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia. He is the author of Everyday Recorder, Recorder Everyday!, an Orff Schulwerk approach to integrating recorder into the general music classroom. His publications have been featured in Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, The Orff Echo, The Southwestern Musician, and Orff-Schulwerk International. He is currently a contributing author for McGraw Hill educational publishing.

2024 Elementary Choir Participants


Addy Berndt-Albuquerque Girl Choir

Aftyn Tea-Heights Middle School

Alizandra Hernandez-Sierra Middle School

Amira Valdez-Mesa View Middle School

AnnaLee Garcia-Sandia Vista Elementary

Annalee Wilcox-Eisenhower Middle School

Annaliese Kass-Rehoboth Christian School

Antonio Serna-Gonzales Community School

Apolonio Varela-El Dorado Community School

Arabella Porak de Verna-Acequia Madre Elementary School

Ashley Melara-Nina Otero Community School

Audrey Howard Diaz-Camino Real Middle School

Aurelia Montano-Manzano Day School

Ava Chavez-Bosque School

Ava Potter-Eisenhower Middle School

Calem Maple-Manzano Day School

Cambre Kern-Mesa View Middle School

Charley Silver-Albuquerque Girl Choir

Chelsea Avila-Rodriguez-Albuquerque Academy

Claire McCready-Manzano Day School

Clover Clark-Acequia Madre Elementary

Darby Pitcher-Albuquerque Academy

Eden Schwab-Acequia Madre Elementary

Elin Mabrey-Sunset Mesa School

Elin Whiteley-Desert Springs Christian Academy

Ellie Veitch-Sunset Mesa School

Emilee Jasso-Chaparral Elementary

Emily Aubert-Country Club Elementary 

Ethan Graham-El Dorado Community School

Gabriel Cubelo-Sandia Vista Elementary

Genesis Campos-Lynn Middle School

Griffin Thompson-Eisenhower Middle 

Hannah Mannas-Country Club Elementary

Jadie Mortensen-Country Club Elementary 

Jadyn Cole-Sunset Mesa School

James Keiper-El Dorado Community School

Juliet Harsh-Acequia Madre Elementary 

Karlee Marshall-Ladera Elementary School

Kaya Brooks-Rt. 66 Elementary School

Kaydence Harvey-El Dorado Community School

Kayla DeArmond-Park Avenue Elementary School

Kylie Plante-Sunset Mesa School

LilyMae Williams-Hobbs-Albuquerque Girl Choir

Logan Birkey-Sunset Mesa School

Lydia Maxwell-Eisenhower Middle School

Mackenzie Robertson-El Dorado Community School

Maggie Rogers-Mesa Verde Elementary

Makena Tellez-Desert Springs Christian Academy

Mariah St Louis-Zia Middle School

Mathilde Montgomery-El Dorado Community School

McKinley Proctor-Manzano Day School

Mia Filutze-Manzano Day School

Mia Melendrez-Santa Teresa Elementary 

Mia Reiss-Ladera Elementary School

Miller Colquitt-Youth Opera of El Paso

Mira Thompkins-Albuquerque Academy

Misha Kassam-Sunset Mesa School

Molly Stansbury-Hermosa Middle School

Myles Mortensen-Country Club Elementary 

Naomi Biffa-Manzano Day School

Nyssa Calderon-Camino Real Middle

Orlando Etsitty-Heights Middle School

Ruby Duncan-Heights Middle School

Ruby Encapera-Desert Springs Christian Academy

Savannah Collyer-Ladera Elementary

Serenity Zuniga-Zia Middle School

Siana Lomanivere-Santa Teresa Elementary 

Siena Wall-Sunset Mesa School

Sierra Leland-Sunset Mesa School

Silas Hook-Heights Middle School

Stella Chimenti-Sunset Mesa School

Valentina Guzman-Acequia Madre Elementary School

Victor Garcia-Lynn Middle School

Wednesday Holguin-Sandia Vista Elementary

William Jesus Perez-Santa Teresa Elementary School



Alayah Lopez-Lynn Middle School

Alexandra Torraco-Mesa View Middle School

Aleyah Nash-Mesa Verde Elementary

Alyna Valdez-Gonzales Community School

Anikah Michael-Manzano Day School

Anna Gaffney-Eisenhower Middle School

Anna Smith-Mesa Verde Elementary

Annabelle Hatch-Heights Middle School

Annabelle Sitton-Mesa Verde Elementary

Anthony Apodaca-Chaparral Elementary

Ariadna Dominquez-Mesa View Middle School

Ashlee Marshall-Country Club Elementary School

Ashlyn Olivarez-Country Club Elementary School

Ashlynn Thrower-Ladera Elementary School

Aspen Boswell-Sunset Mesa School

Athena Kimball-Roosevelt Middle School

Aurora Ayers-Roosevelt Middle School

Austin Pruett-Zia Middle School

Beckham Ludwig-Albuquerque Academy

Brooklynn Strong-Eisenhower Middle School

Caelyx Kivler-Roosevelt Middle School

Cai Hunt-Sunset Mesa School

Cedar Templin-Roosevelt Middle School

Christopher Kressy-Sunset Mesa School

David Westbrook-Mesa Verde Elementary

Destiny Ortega-Mesilla Elementary School

Elodie Olmon-Acequia Madre Elementary School

Erick Meza-Albuquerque Academy

Evan Ortiz-Roosevelt Middle School

Eve Holguin-Zia Middle School

Gabriel Willis-Albuquerque Academy

Geron Groves-Heights Middle School

Gillian DeVries-Sunset Mesa School

Grant Cavanaugh-Rehoboth Christian School

Harlow Pfeiffer-Sandia Preparatory School

Haven Cook-Roosevelt Middle School

Jake Jackson-Albuquerque Academy

Jake Leyva Jr.-John Adams Middle School

Jayda Thorton-Hermosa Middle School

Jayden Saenz-Albuquerque Academy

Jaysa Guevara-Lincoln Middle School

Jelome Gandia-Rehoboth Christian School

Joel Zwiers-Rehoboth Christian School

Justinian Leger-Madison Middle School

Kaieysha Belveal-Tibbetts Middle School

Kalista Ungos-Youth Opera of El Paso

Laura Brown-Sunset Mesa School

Layale Shelton-Mesilla Elementary School

Leah Jones-Desert Ridge Middle School

Lila Johansen-Mesa Verde Elementary

Mackenzie Woods-Roosevelt Middle School

Madeleine Edmonds-Roosevelt Middle School

Marlee Gear-Albuquerque Girl Choir

Marriah Johnson-Heights Middle School

Micah Rhinehart-Heights Middle School

Michael Mortensen-Heights Middle School

Mig Sagaoinit-Nina Otero Community School

Mikayla Tanner-Park Avenue Elementary School

Natalie Stevens-Sandia Preparatory School

Nathan Sanchez-Acequia Madre Elementary School

Nic Nall-Heights Middle School

Nirvana Ochoa-Manriquez-Lynn Middle School

Olivia Simmons-Heights Middle School

Paloma Miller-Manzano Day School

Pearce Raval-Manzano Day School

Quinn Jasso-Manzano Day School

Sally Landahl-Albuquerque Academy

Sara Garcia-Mesa Verde Elementary

Sarah Keller-Roosevelt Middle School

Sierra Jones-Sandia Vista Elementary

Soraya Farnam-Youth Opera of El Paso

Weston Munson-Albuquerque Academy

Zayden Brooks-Ladera Elementary School

Zoii Jordan-Nina Otero Community School

Repertoire List

  1. Come, Follow Me by John Hilton [Public Domain-Music will be sent to directors once results are posted]

  2. Shout for Joy, by Albrecht and Althouse [Alfred 33095], two-part treble

  3. Wild Mountain Thyme, arr. by Jay Broeker [Mary Goetze Series 1], three-part treble

  4. The Tailor of Gloucester, arr. by Cyndee Giebler [HL-545], two-part treble

  5. E Nānā Kākou I Nā Manu, by Herb Mahelona [Colla Voce, 21-20547], two-part treble

  6. Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel, arr. by Roger Emerson [Jenson, 40326209], two-part treble

  7. Shady Grove, arr. by Shirley McRae [Pavane, P 1227], three-part treble

Learning Tracks

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