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Choir Class

Youth Mixed Choir
7th, 8th, 9th Grade

Joshua Pedde
2024 Youth Mixed Choir Director

Joshua Pedde is the artistic director of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (ICC), one of the largest and most respected children’s choir programs in the world. In addition to conducting ICC’s advanced treble choirs, Josh is also the artistic director of the Anderson Area Children’s Choir. During his 20 years with the ICC, Mr. Pedde has been instrumental in growing the ICC’s Innovations program
which provides free music education workshops to public and private schools throughout central Indiana. In addition, he has pioneered ICC’s Neighborhood Choir Academy within Central Indiana which provides a six-to-eight-week musical experience for students to explore the world of choral music and culminates in a performance with the ICC, and the creation of ICC Connects, which allows singers from around the world to work and sing with the ICC choral program in central Indiana. Mr. Pedde is a frequent conductor and clinician throughout the United States including the LCMS Worship Institute Children’s Choir, the WELS National Convention Festival and Children’s Choirs,
Indiana Circle the State with Song festivals, the American Hymn Society, the National Conference of Pastoral Musicians, the National Disciples of Christ Conference, American Choral Directors Association all state choirs in Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, and New Mexico, and the Indiana Music Education Association Middle School and Elementary honor choirs. Mr. Pedde frequently is a consultant to churches on Liturgical Worship and Children’s Choir. In 2003 he premiered the work The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies by Irish composer Mary McAuliffe at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. He is founder and artistic director of the Coastal Song Choir Festival.
In addition to conducting at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center, Mr. Pedde was the backstage conductor for the premiere of the children’s opera, The Trio of Minuet. He recently prepared ICC’s most advanced treble choir for a performance at Shift: A Festival of American Orchestras at the Kennedy Center. He has conducted at numerous sporting events including the FINA World Swimming Championships, Indianapolis Fever, NCAA Women’s Basketball Finals, the RCA Tennis Championships, the 2008 U.S.A. Olympic Diving Qualifications, the 2012 World Choir Games, and Super Bowl XLVI. He has conducted choirs in performances at the Vatican and Canterbury Cathedral, in Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, and Spain.
In September 2018, Mr. Pedde’s treble choir was a featured performer at the 50th National American Orff-Schulwerk Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mr. Pedde is a member of the NAfME, ACDA, IMEA, and ICDA. He also served as a solo and ensemble and organizational judge for ISSMA and as a clinician for IMEA’s ensembles. Mr. Pedde serves as chair for the Consortium of Indiana Children’s Choirs. Mr. Pedde serves at Cornerstone Lutheran Church as director of traditional worship for their three sites in Carmel, Fishers, and Indianapolis. He is the music director of the Carmel Community Choir and Orchestra. He is a member of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, and the AGO. He
has received training and certification in Orff-Schulwerk, Kodály, and First Steps methods of teaching. Mr. Pedde was an elementary music teacher in the Zionsville Public School system for five years before joining the ICC as a full-time conductor, and from 2001-2005 Mr. Pedde was the Artistic Director of the Kokomo Youth Chorale.
Mr. Pedde earned his Bachelor of Music degree in vocal music education and a master’s degree in choral conducting from Butler University, where he was recognized for his outstanding work in elementary music and a DPM from Concordia Chicago. Josh delights in time spent with his wife, Laura, and children, Annabelle, Grayson, and Savannah.

2024 Youth Mixed Choir Participants


Addi Wallace-Koogler Middle School

Aliana Santistevan-Lincoln Middle School

Aliyah Reyna-Camino Real Middle School

Ambrosia Murchison-Heights Middle School

Amileh Rivera-Sierra Middle School

Arianna Ray-Eisenhower Middle School

Avery Garrett-Hermosa Middle School

Aymar Baeza-Artesia Intermediate School

Brook Martinez-Bosque School

Calla McHorse-Albuquerque Academy

Cammy Hanson-Hermosa Middle School

Charisma Bautista-Heights Middle School

Cora Froehlich-Roosevelt Middle School

Cori Walker-Bosque School

Eliana Benavidez-Capital High School

Eliana Britton-P.R. Leyva

Elizabeth Peterson-Albuquerque Academy

Emma Haines-Grant Middle School

Emma Solorio-Nina Otero Community School

Haleigh Kump-Cleveland Middle School

Hayli Beecher-Roosevelt Middle School

Holland Null-Rehoboth Christian School

Iris Kaibel-Bosque School

Isabella Goldstrom-White Sands School

Jade Zeno Neal-Bosque School

Jenna Dinwiddie-Roosevelt Middle School

Kathrine Adler-Hermosa Middle School

Kaydence Pacheco-Artesia Intermediate School

Kaylee Norville-White Sands School

Kayleigh Gallegos-Eisenhower Middle School

Kianna Cordova-Roosevelt Middle School

Kylina Maldonado-Mesa View Middle School

Lacey Dugan-P.R. Leyva

Larissa Jubay-Albuquerque Academy

Leilani Marin-Centennial High School

Lexi Wallace-Koogler Middle School

Lila Sanchez-Picacho Middle School

Londyn Anderson-Heights Middle School

Lucia Griego-Cottonwood Classical Prep School

Madalynn Herrera-Lynn Middle School

Madison Fred-Hermosa Middle School

Maya Bradford-Centennial High School

Melanie Bean-V. Sue Cleveland High School

Nerissa Schwartz-Sierra Middle School

Parquer Reyes-Zia Middle School

Samantha Thompson-Sandia Preparatory School

Sean Lopez-El Dorado Community School

Ty Andrews-Albuquerque Academy


Addison Marshall-Piedra Vista High School

Ainsley Elmore-Camino Real Middle School

Alexandria Corrales-Koogler Middle School

Avienda Torrez-Roosevelt Middle School

Avigail Hall-Roosevelt Middle School

Braycie Lyons-Heights Middle School

Britanny Carrasco-P.R. Leyva

Brynna Thompson-Eisenhower Middle School

Ellen Zwiers-Rehoboth Christian School

Ellisa Rogers-Hermosa Middle School

Eva Riley-Eisenhower Middle School

Evalyn Perez-Artesia Intermediate School

Evie DeYoung-Rehoboth Christian School

Fatima DelPilar Galvez Salazar-Camino Real Middle School

Genevieve Petersen-Heights Middle School

Guinevere Baker-Lincoln Middle School

Hailey Smith-Camino Real Middle School

Harmony Zuniga-Zia Middle School

Hazel Wilcox-Bosque School

Ian Bustillos-Lynn Middle School

Iphigenia Rogers-Albuquerque Academy

Irelynn Delgado-Rehoboth Christian School

Jake Armfield-Sierra Middle School

Jazlyn Pimentel-Mayfield High School

Kalia O'Brien Peet-Madison Middle School

Katelyn Rostowfske-Roosevelt Middle School

Katherine Smutz-Roosevelt Middle School

Kaydence May-Lincoln Middle School

Kya Thornton-Hermosa Middle School

Kylie Sorensen-P.R. Leyva

Layla Penny-Hart-Cleveland Middle School

Lily Cavanaugh-Rehoboth Christian School

Lynn Diaz-Camino Real Middle School

Marley Ruedas-Sierra Middle School

Melanie Trevino-Las Cruces High School

Nicholas White-Lynn Middle School

Norah Hart-Bosque School

Raina Maes-Roosevelt Middle School

Rie Sandoval-Heights Middle School

Ryanna Castiano-Mesa Alta Junior High School

Samantha Schrimer-Camino Real Middle School

Sara Helvenston-Albuquerque Academy

Sasha Foraker-Madison Middle School

Savannah Aguilar-P.R. Leyva

Sloan Pennington-Heights Middle School

Sowmya Sankaran-Albuquerque Academy

Stevie Fishburn-Tibbetts Middle School

Tristan Mayo-Bosque School


Brendan Barela-Bosque School

Bridger Heaton-Piedra Vista High School

David Montoya-P.R. Leyva

Eli Palma-Hermosa Middle School

Elijah Moses-Rehoboth Christian School

Elijah Ruiz-Camino Real Middle School

Elliott Kass-Rehoboth Christian School

Ife Steve-Ogbodo-Madison Middle School

Isaiah Delgado-Rehoboth Christian School

Jack Nydam-Rehoboth Christian School

Jacob Juarez-P.R. Leyva

Jakob Garcia-Johnson-Zia Middle School

Jonah Cluff-Hermosa Middle School

Jude Cavanaugh-Rehoboth Christian School

Knut Brekke-Camino Real Middle School

Manuel Madrid-Gonzales Community School

Marco Pedroza-Bosque School

Michael Steplowski-Cleveland Middle School

Payton Fowler-Adams-Hermosa Middle School

Sage Reynolds-Camino Real Middle School

Sam Newell-Rehoboth Christian School

Samuel Fuentes-Camino Real Middle School

Spencer Eames-Eisenhower Middle School

Trevor Satterthwait-Eisenhower Middle School


Adaiah Gonzales-Santa Fe Prep

Antonio Munoz-El Dorado community School

Carson Mayo-Bosque School

Dominic Rosner-Salazar-Albuquerque Academy

Evan Schultes-Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School

George Nunez-Centennial High School

Greyson Estell-Camino Real Middle School

Ian Gladden-Piedra Vista High School

Jasper Lee-Santa Fe Prep

Jerry Telles-Camino Real Middle School

Joel Marquez-Mayfield High School

Juanito Martinez-Nina Otero Community School

Julian Peguero-Madison Middle School

Liam Christensen-Rehoboth Christian School

Logan Hargues-Lincoln Middle School

Malakai Nez-Rehoboth Christian School

Mateo Mortensen-Heights Middle School

Max Wilcox-Sierra Middle School

Nathan Neal-Zia Middle School

Oliver Gutierrez-Albuquerque Academy

Oscar Ibave-Camino Real Middle School

Rafael Aragon-Eisenhower Middle School

Ravi Umesh-Lincoln Middle School

Ryan Ruybal-Camino Real Middle School

Simon Frederiksen-Rehoboth Christian School

Troy Robben-Lynn Middle School

Yzael Gurrola-Camino Real Middle School

Repertoire List

  1. Domine Fili Unigenite-Vivaldi (SATB) Elmer Thomas from Heritage Music Press

  2. Shalom-Dan Forrest (SATB)

  3. Jam-Tracy Wong (SAB)

  4. Little David, Play on Your Harp-Rollo Dilworth (SATB)

  5. Does the World Say-Kyle Pederson (SATB)

  6. We are the Voices-Jim Papoulis (SATB)

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