Dear Colleagues,

We discovered some mistakes in the original learning tracks for the elementary chorus. Shera Jemmett, who has worked so hard to complete this monumental task, graciously agreed to correct the problems. The corrected tracks are now up on the website, but you may need to alert your students if they have already downloaded the originals.

Thula Klizeo – the pronunciation now matches that given on the Pavane website.

Hold Fast to Dreams – the rhythm of the original motive has been corrected to have a dotted quarter note on “fast” in both the soprano and alto parts. “Winged” has been changed to a single syllable to be consistent (instead of “wing-ed”).

Everlasting Melody – on page 10 the repetition of a C going to a D-flat is now correct. Soprano 1 and 2 are on the same track. In the three places where it splits, S1 is on the right side and S2 is on the left side. Alto 1 and Alto 2 are on the same track. When it splits, A1 is on the right, A2 is on the left.

Stars Tonight – There was a wrong note on page 10, measure 80 (C, D, E) and it has been corrected (C, C, E).

Again, many thanks to Shera! Thanks also to Jayme Berry for her diligence and careful examination, and to Penny Voss for helping us get the pieces to Shera with expedience!

Wishing you all strength to get through this busy season and happy music-making!

Louise Loomis